4 Major Problems With Shopping for Used Cars Online

4 Major Problems With Shopping for Used Cars Online

Yes, it is true that you can find a lot of cheap cars online. Many of them seem to be in mint condition as well. So, why wouldn’t you buy your next pre-owned car from the Internet? After all, people buy all sorts of stuff from online stores these days. The problem is that a car is not a phone. Buying a car from the Internet can lead to a lot of problems in some cases. And remember, you are probably looking to spend $10,000 or more on a product. Let’s take a deeper look at buying used cars online.

What Is Online Used Car Shopping?

Nowadays, online stores are selling everything from sneakers to expensive gold jewelry. You can buy electronics, clothes, services, and so on. We’re not sure, but there has to be a website that sells houses online out there somewhere. However, just like you wouldn’t buy a house online, you probably shouldn’t buy a car. However, the Internet has its uses when it comes to finding cheap cars in your area.

Online car shopping is basically the process of buying a car on the Internet. However, you don’t have to actually buy the car online or pay for it online. The best way to use the Internet is to research makes and models, and to find the best and cheapest vehicles in your area. Most car dealerships list their vehicles online, so you can easily compare different offers from different dealers. However, you should avoid purchasing the vehicle online. Here is why.

Problem #1: It’s Not What You Want

The car may not be what you want. Photos can easily fool you. Moreover, you don’t really know if you like a car until you take it for a test drive. Often, the car may be missing some options that were listed in the ad or may have other problems. On the bright side, you get a grace period of five to seven days.

Problem #2: Delays

Shipping can take a long time. Some dealers will take their time “preparing” the vehicle. If you buy a cheap pre-owned from a dealership in your neighborhood, you can drive it home the same day in most cases.

Problem #3: Poor Customer Service

Customer service can be a real problem, depending on the company selling the car. There are hundreds of complaints from people who can’t resolve their problems with the company because customer service is slow or simply doesn’t care. Getting real help can be difficult, so keep this in mind.

Problem #4: The Grace Period

A grace period sounds great. You feel as though you are protected from all the risks and problems that other people are experiencing. After all, you can simply return the car if you have a problem with it, right? Wrong! There have been many cases where custom service delayed things as much as possible. Furthermore, the process of getting the car fixed or diagnosed can be very complicated.

You’ll probably want to return the vehicle after going through the whole process. Who knows how many other problems that vehicle may have? Well, the bad news is that the short grace period has passed. You’re stuck with a car you don’t like – at all.

Avoiding These Problems

The sad truth is that most companies that sell cars entirely online are not as trustworthy as they could be. Just look at many of their reviews and you’ll quickly realize that around 20 percent of customers give them a very bad rating. Of course, you can be one of the 8 lucky ones. But would you risk so much money? Probably not.

Our advice for people who want to buy a pre-owned vehicle is to go to a dealership in their area in person. You can find cheap cars at dealerships as well. Also, it’s worth mentioning that you can negotiate the price with the dealer. You may be able to save $500 by purchasing the vehicle online, but you risk getting a car that is in terrible condition.

And don’t forget that used car dealerships also offer something known as Certified Pre-Owned vehicles. These refurbished, late-model cars will keep going for years and even come with a warranty. Of course, you can see them with your own eyes and can take them on a test drive. Even though they are more expensive than regular used cars, you get the guarantee that these vehicles really are in mint condition.